30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Colour

THERE’S no such thing as too much colour sometimes and so for today’s 30-Day Gratitude Challenge prompt, I’m embracing the brightest things in life. My mum bought me this jumper after a hellish week (bless her heart), and it’s brought me all kinds of positive vibes this week. This is a jumper that says 'hello,... Continue Reading →


He scratched his arm lazily. His class was dragging by slowly, and he could already see the students losing interest in what he was trying to say. Gazes were shifting towards the clocks, chairs were swinging, and a few phones were already peering out from underneath tables. The students still hadn't realised he could see... Continue Reading →

The Commute

THE subway thunders underfoot, the vibrations shaking the commuter’s bags. Keys jingle together from within pockets, the sharp noise clashing with the rumbling of a rolling Buckfast bottle along the floor. Occasionally, it crashes into the metal underneath the carriage’s course seats. A sticky mess trails behind the green bottle as the stench of alcohol... Continue Reading →

‘I Know’

“I NEVER hated you, you know?” The villain looked up at the rasping words and blinked stunned. After everything they had done. The bombings, the killings, all the blood that stained their hands - and yet. “I-” -“it’s ok. You don’t have to say anything.” A moment passed. Then two. And the silence rang in... Continue Reading →

I’M having a Bridget Jones day where nothing seems to really be working on my favour. Tripping over my own two feet, failing driving tests, losing my head in a spin - a night like this calls for my oldest and dearest friends. Mr Ben and Mr Jerry. And while I may be no Bridget... Continue Reading →

IT’S funny the things you miss when you spend time apart from someone. Laughing, crying, laughing and crying - it can be difficult to find time to spend with the ones you love. This summer has been full of gaps for me, not just friends and family travelling, but also because of work and distance.... Continue Reading →

IT was around my third outfit change on Day Eighteen that I started to realise that maybe I own too many clothes. No really, I think it’s maybe starting to become an issue. I spend far too much money on online shopping, to the point where my partner just kinda looks at me exasperatedly and... Continue Reading →

DAY thirteen calls for a little poetry. I’m trying to work more on shorter pieces right now instead of longer prose because I tend to obsess over longer stanzas and the sounds and the rhymes, which is great of course, but it can come across as a little too forced at times. So shorter poetry... Continue Reading →

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