Circle of Life

Woosh! And there I go Rumbling underneath my feet Strange faces I've yet to meet Off on another adventure It's the best kind you see One that leads me through Black holes but towards Familiar streets The same stops just different people It is a straight circle And there's only one path I take With... Continue Reading →

Building Bridges

There’s a tear in my heart I can’t fix. There’s a hole he made you can’t fill. There’s something broken I can't mend. There are stitches in my heart, you helped sew them. There's a bridge over the gaps, you helped build. There's a plaster over my wounds, that's healing thanks to you.

A Single Sock

SHE found it at the back of cupboard buried underneath an old jumper and some old tights with a hole in them. It's bright pink colour shone brightly underneath grey wool, and she released a sigh as she pried the single sock free from its dark grasp. She'd been looking for this sock for months... Continue Reading →


I imagine how the sunshine Looks on your face The ease at which you reach for a can Or two or three with the boys How it feels to be away from all the noise Of this city Perhaps a smile as you slip Into a summer daze Worry and stress fades As freckles begin... Continue Reading →

DAY twenty-four calls for some of my old summer reads. I got my teeth stuck into A Golden Age while on holiday a few years ago. It came at the recommendation of my mother (respect to her book suggestions, she's never led me wrong), and I literally could not be pried away from it for... Continue Reading →

I’M having a Bridget Jones day where nothing seems to really be working on my favour. Tripping over my own two feet, failing driving tests, losing my head in a spin - a night like this calls for my oldest and dearest friends. Mr Ben and Mr Jerry. And while I may be no Bridget... Continue Reading →

IT was around my third outfit change on Day Eighteen that I started to realise that maybe I own too many clothes. No really, I think it’s maybe starting to become an issue. I spend far too much money on online shopping, to the point where my partner just kinda looks at me exasperatedly and... Continue Reading →

NOTHING beats waking up hungover to a cat in your face. My cat was a wee bit curious as to why I didn’t want to get up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning. Personally I blame the glasses of red wine, but she might blame not getting to sleep until 1am. That’s a bad life choice,... Continue Reading →

ON Day Sixteen I’m continuing the John Green trend with The Fault in Our Stars. I first read it a billion million years ago, and I loved it. It can be a bit disjointed at times, but I do think it’s a beautiful story and I’ve re-read it so many times over the last few... Continue Reading →

IT might surprise you but as a 20-year-old I’ve had plenty of “oh sh*t” moments. Unfortunately (for my brain) I’m one of these people who obsess over every mistake they make, as if analysing it from every single angle will allow me to go back in time and re-do it correctly. I’ve come to realise... Continue Reading →

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