30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Inspiration

WE'RE on day two already (imagine!) and today's prompt is all about inspiration. What inspires us to get out bed in the morning? What makes us excited for the day? What makes us happy to ride around the subway to get where we're going? It would sound corny to say I am inspired by life.… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Inspiration


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Home

DAY one's prompt is about home. They say home is where the heart is, and for me, that is my bed. Sounds a little cringey, but I am obsessed with how cosy my bed - especially as winter has started to hit Scotland. It's not just a safe space, it's also where I write, where… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Home


That’s the way I Hygge it

LAST summer I discovered Hygge. Late to the party, I know, and shockingly so, I know. But hey ho, here I am at the party, my Hygge membership card in hand. It’s kind of hard to imagine why no one would really want to get aboard the Hygge party bus. It’s all about chill, and… Continue reading That’s the way I Hygge it


Here’s To You, Fall

THERE'S just something about Autumn. I always tell people that winter is the most wonderful time of the year because it’s all about family, and Christmas, and cake, and all things merry and bright (don't even try to argue - there’s a song to back me up and everything). But as Autumn has crept up… Continue reading Here’s To You, Fall