Pret A Geek

Pret A Geek x To Bookishly Go

YOU'VE probably heard of Pret A Geek. It's this totally amazing little Scottish geek shop run in Glasgow by the marvellous Ali Mac. And if you haven't heard of Pret, then what rock have you been hiding under since 2014? Now Pret A Geek is a very special shop to most, but for me, it's… Continue reading Pret A Geek x To Bookishly Go


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Wisdom

I WAS thinking about the word Wisdom for Day Twelve of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge - and all I could think about was wise woman. Hardly surprising given that today's post is all about my mother. Cheesy I know but she is one of the wisest people I know - and I am the woman… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Wisdom