30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Routines

I'VE fallen behind on the challenge a little - but it seems appropriate to talk about routines when it's my routine falling out of wack that's caused me to fall behind. I'm a stickler for routine. It helps me feel calm and organised - and not panicked. But not everything goes to plan all the… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Routines

Pret A Geek

Pret A Geek x To Bookishly Go

YOU'VE probably heard of Pret A Geek. It's this totally amazing little Scottish geek shop run in Glasgow by the marvellous Ali Mac. And if you haven't heard of Pret, then what rock have you been hiding under since 2014? Now Pret A Geek is a very special shop to most, but for me, it's… Continue reading Pret A Geek x To Bookishly Go


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Wisdom

I WAS thinking about the word Wisdom for Day Twelve of the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge - and all I could think about was wise woman. Hardly surprising given that today's post is all about my mother. Cheesy I know but she is one of the wisest people I know - and I am the woman… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Wisdom


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Gift

LET'S talk about gifts baby! Continuing on my 30-Day Gratitude journey, today is all about the gift of giving (and receiving). And I figured it was especially appropriate given that I have just returned from a glorious wee trip in Verona laden with gifts for my loved ones. Well, I say laden, that's not necessarily… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Gift


Building Bridges

There’s a tear in my heart I can’t fix. There’s a hole he made you can’t fill. There’s something broken I can't mend. There are stitches in my heart, you helped sew them. There's a bridge over the gaps, you helped build. There's a plaster over my wounds, that's healing thanks to you.


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Music (flash fiction)

I'M back! After a nice, well-rested break in Verona, I'm back on this 30-Day Gratitude Challenge and taking stock of the important things in life. Like wine. And pizza. Anyhoo, today's prompt is music and so I decided to do something a little bit different. I've written a wee flash fiction about music and my… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Music (flash fiction)


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Nature

TODAY’s prompt is nature and all I can think is ‘oh god, it’s so against nature that I’m flying at thousands of feet above the sea and this probably won’t end well’. I’m not a great flyer as you may have guessed. I’m all for the views, the clouds, the arriving in another country part,… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Nature


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Memories

I WAS really struggling with the prompt for memories yesterday. I’m not someone who likes to dwell on the past too much, maybe because I have a few regrets, probably because I like to think I could have done things differently. Hindsight is 20/20, I know. But while the past might be something that’s difficult… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Memories


A Single Sock

SHE found it at the back of cupboard buried underneath an old jumper and some old tights with a hole in them. It's bright pink colour shone brightly underneath grey wool, and she released a sigh as she pried the single sock free from its dark grasp. She'd been looking for this sock for months… Continue reading A Single Sock


30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Words

STICKS and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me. Today's prompt in the 30-Day Gratitude Challenge is words. And much like Albus Dumbledore once said, "words are in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic". Our words are important because they give us a voice. No matter who you… Continue reading 30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Words