Toronto Calling

SO my week began with a delayed flight and missing my connection to Toronto at London Heathrow. On one hand, there was stress, panic and feeling sick about having missed that connection; on the other hand, there was free food. And then there was the getting up the next day to repeat the whole airport... Continue Reading →

Here’s To You, Fall

THERE'S just something about Autumn. I always tell people that winter is the most wonderful time of the year because it’s all about family, and Christmas, and cake, and all things merry and bright (don't even try to argue - there’s a song to back me up and everything). But as Autumn has crept up... Continue Reading →

DAY twenty-four calls for some of my old summer reads. I got my teeth stuck into A Golden Age while on holiday a few years ago. It came at the recommendation of my mother (respect to her book suggestions, she's never led me wrong), and I literally could not be pried away from it for... Continue Reading →

THERE’S something about old books. Something in the way it feels to hold them. Wuthering Heights is by no means my favourite classic. To be perfectly frank, I prefer Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights - mostly because I heard once that some people believed she was singing “It’s me, I’m a tree, I’m a wombat” instead... Continue Reading →

ON sticky, grey hot days like today in Glasgow I kinda wish I was elsewhere. I spent a lot of my summer last year travelling, from Croatia to Paris to Estepona, and it really took me back to loving photography. I’m better with words than photos that’s for sure, but they do say a picture... Continue Reading →

I’M having a Bridget Jones day where nothing seems to really be working on my favour. Tripping over my own two feet, failing driving tests, losing my head in a spin - a night like this calls for my oldest and dearest friends. Mr Ben and Mr Jerry. And while I may be no Bridget... Continue Reading →

IT’S funny the things you miss when you spend time apart from someone. Laughing, crying, laughing and crying - it can be difficult to find time to spend with the ones you love. This summer has been full of gaps for me, not just friends and family travelling, but also because of work and distance.... Continue Reading →

WHEN I was but a young sproutling, I was obsessed with vampires. It began with Anne Rice’s Interview With A Vampire and pretty much spread from there. And somewhere between Morganville, The House of Night series and The Vampire Diaries (the real one not that telly nonsense), I found Twilight. I was late to the... Continue Reading →

IT was around my third outfit change on Day Eighteen that I started to realise that maybe I own too many clothes. No really, I think it’s maybe starting to become an issue. I spend far too much money on online shopping, to the point where my partner just kinda looks at me exasperatedly and... Continue Reading →

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