Still Me

JOJO Moyes has done it again with her sensational novel Still Me. I wasn't really sure what to expect with this novel - After You had been a bit of a disappointment for me and I had struggled to really connect with it - but Still Me blew me away. Lou Clark returns in the... Continue Reading →

Humans of New York Stories

WHAT can I tell you about the Humans of New York that you probably don't know? Not a lot, I imagine. With over seven and a half million followers on Instagram alone, you'd have to have been hiding under a rock to not know about Brandon Stanton and The Humans of New York. As a... Continue Reading →

The Gospel of Loki

WAS Santa good to you this year? He certainly was to me, if the books piled up in my room are any indication. But Christmas isn't just about receiving or giving or food. It's about family and friends and relations. And of course, it's all about the books. Forget convertibles, a duplex and decorations from... Continue Reading →

All I want for Christmas

MARIAH Carey was really on to something. Surely, there's no better way to get across how badly you wanted love for Christmas than by singing about all the things you would give up for it. In my case the YOU I want for Christmas isn't love, it's books. (Just don't tell my boyfriend that) But... Continue Reading →

Life and Death

I WAS late to the Twilight party. Shocking, I know. And to this day, I'm still not entirely sure how I managed to miss it. Loads of my friends were talking about it at the time, my mum even mentioned it to me once but I just had no interest in picking up Meyer's books.... Continue Reading →


LET'S talk books that can change your life. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell may not seem like the obvious choice. How could a novel that’s not classic literature, with less than 350 pages and missing a Nobel Prize change someone’s life? The answer is simple really. It brought me back to my love of my books.... Continue Reading →

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