30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Music (flash fiction)

I’M back! After a nice, well-rested break in Verona, I’m back on this 30-Day Gratitude Challenge and taking stock of the important things in life.

Like wine. And pizza.

Anyhoo, today’s prompt is music and so I decided to do something a little bit different. I’ve written a wee flash fiction about music and my all-round terrible dancing moves.

THE music pours in through tiny headphones, the thumping bass ringing in your ears. The first few notes snap you back to reality, and a broad grin stretches over your face. Your hips twitch at the rhythm and a thrum of excitement begins to burn low in your belly. The same excitement that had you strutting through the rain earlier, the same excitement that pushed you to run harder and faster yesterday, the same excitement that left you drunkenly dancing until 3 am.

Your grin widens as the rush drives you to move, hips swaying out of time to the beat and hands reaching to the sky. You spin recklessly, a beat behind the rhythm, but it doesn’t matter because no one is watching. The music pulsates through you.

You have been to many gigs in your life; visited clubs; attended festivals and taken to dance floors. You have revelled in the feeling of your body pressed against another, the feeling of your arms pressed tightly against foreign arms and the sound of your voice mingling with the voices of strangers as you sang your heart out. The feeling of music bringing you closer to other human beings.

But this is different. This is freedom.

You laugh at yourself, swaying wildly as you turn up the music. The worries of the day wash over you and stress slips away into the dark nooks of your mind. All that matters now is the feeling of being in this moment.

And you hope this feeling never ends.

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