30-Day Gratitude Challenge – Memories

I WAS really struggling with the prompt for memories yesterday.

I’m not someone who likes to dwell on the past too much, maybe because I have a few regrets, probably because I like to think I could have done things differently.

Hindsight is 20/20, I know.

But while the past might be something that’s difficult to think about and accept at times, it’s also the choices and decisions you’ve made that have brought you to where you are right now.

That might be at home scrolling past this post on Instagram, it might be commuting from uni, it might be leaving work to go home to your family, it might be on a really really bad day or even a good one, or it might on an Italian train like me with no freaking clue where you’re going.

Most of us have regrets, things we wish we could change, but the reality is that we’re stuck with the decisions we’ve made and the paths we’ve tread till now. There is no doubling back.

As much as I hate the bad memories, I’m grateful for the good ones I do have with friends I’ve lost, the people I’ve gotten out touch with, and the missed opportunities I wish I had taken.

Because I am well and truly happy where I am at now. And it’s important not to forget that.

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