That’s the way I Hygge it

LAST summer I discovered Hygge.

Late to the party, I know, and shockingly so, I know. But hey ho, here I am at the party, my Hygge membership card in hand.

It’s kind of hard to imagine why no one would really want to get aboard the Hygge party bus. It’s all about chill, and calm, and just enjoying life – who doesn’t want that?


But VisitScotland caused a storm last year when they announced Còsagach – otherwise known as Coorie – the Scottish term set to rival the Hygge way of life.

To cut a long story short, there was a lot of debate around the term, it’s use and “commercialisation”, and of course, then native Gaelic speakers revealed that Còsagach actually means small hole or nook for wee creatures.

Regardless of whether you’re #teamHygge or #teamCoorie – it all boils down to one thing…ultimate coze.

But for the millions of us who are currently stressing about work, family, uni and trying to balance commitments and time and a little self-loving, trying to make time for Hygge or Coorie seems a little ridiculous. Hoo-gah? Hue-guh? Who has time for that?

So for the hardworking, stressed out soul, I’ve decided to launch 30 days of Hygge. We’re gonna get down and Coorie with y’all for a month in an attempt to find a little inner peace each day (key word attempt).

Positively Present (an amazing blog, go check it out) have just launched their 30-day Gratitude Challenge – they’re inspiring people to get grateful for the little things.   It’s not just reserved for November, but I’m hoping their month of gratitude will inspire a little self-love.


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