‘I Know’

“I NEVER hated you, you know?”

The villain looked up at the rasping words and blinked stunned.

After everything they had done. The bombings, the killings, all the blood that stained their hands – and yet.


-“it’s ok. You don’t have to say anything.”

A moment passed. Then two. And the silence rang in their ears. The water continued to rise, pouring into the crevices of the tiny cave, pooling around their knees. The villain could feel the cold damp creeping in through their back, settling into their bones. Only the warmth of the hero, a hairsbreadth away, broke the chill that had settled upon them. The gushing of water rang in their ears, the stench of salt lingering in the air.

They wrinkled their nose. There were worse places to die, they supposed.

The little light they had managed to procure was flickering. They reckoned it didn’t have much longer to go.

And then a touch to the hand. They expected it to be as cool as the water rapidly flooding the small cave, but it was somewhat warm. The antagonist looked up at the hero, who smiled slightly.

“I suppose if this is the end, you ought to know.”

The villain’s mouth suddenly went dry as the hero drew closer. And closer. Until the top of their chest pressed lightly against theirs, the frozen water surrounding them.

The hero looked at them through long lashes. And suddenly it all made sense.
They tightened their grip on the hero’s hand, “You don’t have to say anything. I know.”

Yes, there were definitely worse places to die.



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