Here’s To You, Fall

THERE’S just something about Autumn.

I always tell people that winter is the most wonderful time of the year because it’s all about family, and Christmas, and cake, and all things merry and bright (don’t even try to argue – there’s a song to back me up and everything).

But as Autumn has crept up on me this year, in all its fiery dead leaf glory, I’ve been feeling strangely different about the season.

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September has been a month of big decisions, lots of stress and plenty of alcohol (as always). But October has finally arrived – and with it comes the promise of pumpkin spiced lattes, flasks of my mum’s soup, Halloween, Guy Fawkes Night and hours spent on Pinterest looking at dead leaves.

For me, the beginning of Autumn has been truly magical this year. There’s just something different in the air that has me anticipating pulling out my old hats, scarves and gloves, along with the jumpers my gran knitted me over a decade ago. The way the burnt leaves are already crunching underfoot, conkers are falling from the trees in my back garden, and the cold is nipping at my skin makes me feel like a kid again; the mornings are burning my lungs with chilled air, spiced porridge is warming my belly, and coffee has once again become my lifeline. It’s Autumn.


It’s like a sigh of relief. As if the whole city has been holding its breath for this very moment.

And all of it sudden, it’s hit me how fast time is slipping through my fingers, how 2018 has rushed me by.

So while a part of me is already stockpiling Autumn book lists and fantasising about cuddling up on the sofa on a cosy date (hot chocolate, anyone?), another part of me is beginning to panic about how little university time is left.

It’s hard not to get bogged down by the ultimate uni question of ‘do I stay or do I go?’ – and for many of my classmates, it’s already become the focus of this academic year. Looming deadlines, mountains of reading and the threat of dissertations is enough to freak anyone out, and trying not to panic is like keeping your head above an oncoming tide.

But with Christmas on the horizon, and uni kicking into gear, Autumn has reminded me that’s ok to take a moment to get lost on the road of life.

So I’m going to jump in the piles of dead leaves, bundle up in the warmest jumpers and drink all the spiced pumpkin lattes I can physically manage – because if I don’t do it now, when will I?

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