Day Twenty Four (Here We Go Again)

DAY twenty-four calls for some of my old summer reads.

I got my teeth stuck into A Golden Age while on holiday a few years ago. It came at the recommendation of my mother (respect to her book suggestions, she’s never led me wrong), and I literally could not be pried away from it for the rest of the holiday.

Safe to say mum wasn’t entirely sure whether to be pleased with herself, or annoyed at the fact my head was stuck in a book instead of speaking Spanish and ordering her more Tinto Verano.

It probably isn’t the best of the summer reads to be honest, given how wrenchingly, heartbreaking A Golden Age is. I cried more times reading this, than I did watching The Notebook – and that is saying something.

But Tahmima Anam is a beautiful author, and I would highly recommend all of her books.

In other news, I’m off to see Mamma Mia 2 tonight and I’m so buzzing! Been battling a weird cold, nauseous illness thing the last few days, so I’m hoping ABBA will work it’s magic and cure me.

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