Day Eighteen (I’m a material girl)

IT was around my third outfit change on Day Eighteen that I started to realise that maybe I own too many clothes.

No really, I think it’s maybe starting to become an issue. I spend far too much money on online shopping, to the point where my partner just kinda looks at me exasperatedly and goes “it looks great but all your other clothes looked great too”.

My dad has even started teasing me about how my room is more of a wardrobe than an actual bedroom.

So yeah, between books and clothes, it’s a wonder I manage to make it through the month.

But the honest truth is that I just love clothes. I used to get so body conscious of what I was wearing, and I felt (as I’m sure other teen girls have in the past) that I could only wear certain clothes because I had to look a certain way.

It’s not true though, you should feel free to wear whatever you want to wear, be it a mini skirt, boy jeans, a crop top or a potato sack you’re modelling as a dress. It shouldn’t really matter.

As long as you feel comfortable then who cares? You should be marching to the beat of your own drum.

It’s like getting weird looks cause you’re reading 50 Shades on the subway. If you like reading it no one should judge you for that.

Speaking off reading on the subway, my current offline read is Crazy Rich Asians. I’m actually re-reading it right now because I watched the trailer too many times and Im sort of desperate to see the movie.

The descriptions of just make me really want to travel. Life goal #1.

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