Day Fifteen (Sorting My Sh*t Out)

IT might surprise you but as a 20-year-old I’ve had plenty of “oh sh*t” moments.

Unfortunately (for my brain) I’m one of these people who obsess over every mistake they make, as if analysing it from every single angle will allow me to go back in time and re-do it correctly.

I’ve come to realise that (in my uninfinite wisdom) that simply does not do. Because it just ends with me upset, angry or plain disappointed in myself.

And I’ve made a lot of mistakes. Like everyone else I have regrets and things I wish I had done differently.

But there are always going to be things that are beyond your control.

I’ve heard Get Your Sh*t Together is great for helping you…well get your sh*t together. And what I need now, after working my ass off all summer, is a kick up the arse to get stuff done.


Every year I have a list, and every year it’s never completed. But right now I have goals that I want achieve and some time on my side to sort it all out.

Whether that’s through poetry, or reading, or bullet journaling – I’ll get there.

I just might need a wee bit of Sarah Knight’s “anti-guru” wisdom first.

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