Day Nine (Everything is fine)

THE thing I love about books is the way they bring people together.

Now don’t think I’m getting all mushy on you, but you can’t deny how amazing it is to see a community come together the way readers come together.

When I was younger, I turned to books a lot. I relied on them, and for me, it was the corniest of books that got me through. Twilight, PC Cast, Pride and Prejudice, The Goose Girl.

And you can’t really find better role models than some of those female authors.

I struggled for a long time over who I was and who I wanted to be and what I wanted. Sometimes I still feel as if I’m just coasting, and there are days when I question my decisions and question my sanity for making those decisions.

My character of the day is Elizabeth Bennet, because she taught me that it’s ok to make mistakes, to feel as if you’ve properly totally messed up, because you can always learn from those mistakes. She learned from Darcy as much as he learned from her.

And we all know the happy ending to that story. (It’s even happy in Death Comes to Pemberley!)

So getting through the hard days, that’s proof that those books from my childhood were right.

Its all about trying and trying and trying again. And trying. And trying.

One day I’ll get it bang on.

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