Day Seven (all good girls go to heaven…maybe)

DAY seven and already it’s lining up to be the perfect day.

I’ve got a little bit of reading (and re-reading) done this morning. Charles Bukowski is still very much the flavour of the month, despite my spell into The Hygge Holiday…and I am actually pleasantly surprised.

Maybe I should start taking my partner’s book recommendations more seriously…or maybe not.

I’m off to see Hitchcock’s Vertigo tonight at the GFT. It’s been so long since I last saw it, and I am so excited. Have I mentioned my obsession with James Stewart yet? No? Well he only has to be my favourite actor of all-time-hands-down-no-discussion-period.

You can’t really get better than Rear Window and It’s A Wonderful Life.

I’ve been in quite a writer-ish mood lately, so there’s gonna be some poetry to share with you all. Hopefully soon.

Then you can finally all be done with my rambling.

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