The Gospel of Loki

WAS Santa good to you this year?

He certainly was to me, if the books piled up in my room are any indication.

But Christmas isn’t just about receiving or giving or food. It’s about family and friends and relations.

And of course, it’s all about the books.

Forget convertibles, a duplex and decorations from Tiffany, this year I got to meet author Joanne M Harris through her fabulous work The Gospel of Loki.

It’s all about family, and friendships, and relationships, and betrayal. The four symbols of Christmas!


I’m not gonna lie, it’s a dark book at some points. And I’m not entirely sure if that’s what Joanne Harris had in mind when she wrote it.

But despite all the darkness, I fell in love with the world she had created. As a Marvel fan, Loki has always been a favourite of mine, but Joanne Harris has opened up this whole other side to the mythological character that I never imagined seeing.

He’s cunning, he’s smart, he’s a trickster, but he’s also emotional, a characteristic he hates with a passion. But he also goes so far the opposite way to what readers want him to do.

He’s unpredictable.

I’ve read so many fan stories, books, and novellas which depict the origins of Loki and the reasons behind his inevitable betrayal, but Joanne Harris’ is by far and away my favourite.


And that’s the gospel truth.

So, if you’re looking for something a little bit different to read this Christmas? The Gospel of Loki is for you.

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