The Hobbit (There and Back Again)

I’M ashamed to admit that when it comes to the works of JRR Tolkien, I saw all the films first.

Which is unusual as I always read the books first.

Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, The Northern Lights, The Hunger Games, Fallen, The Host, Twilight – you name the series, and I will tell you that I read the books first.

But not The Hobbit.

No, I saw all of The Lord of the Rings films, the first Hobbit film and read plenty of fanfiction before it even occurred to me to pick up Tolkien’s book.

And it was a struggle.


I had fallen so deeply in love with the movies, that when it came to the book, it was so far from what I expected that I had to keep walking away from it.

Despite being a reader who loves descriptive writing, I couldn’t wrap my around the long and winding details of the unexpected journey of a hobbit, a wizard and a band of dwarves seeking to reclaim their homeland.

Then one afternoon, after I had finished all my exams, I tried again.

And this time I got it.


I got lost in the Misty Mountains, traveled to the depths of Mirkwood and fought off a dragon with only my wit. I followed Bilbo on his journey across Middle Earth and like him, I found a change within myself.

The Hobbit is sold as a children’s book. But it is so much more than that. So much more that even three films don’t do it justice.

So if you’re looking for adventure, magic and a dragon this Christmas? The Hobbit has got everything you need.

Do you think Lord of the Rings should feature on next month’s Book Club list?

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